The SecEd Podcast: Technology & digital strategy in schools

Practical advice for getting digital strategy and education technology deployment right across your school and in the classroom.

In this episode, we look at what makes an effective digital strategy in schools. What does a digital strategy look like? Why is it important? What purpose does it serve? Who creates it? What form does it take?

Lots of practical advice and reflections with themes including whole-school technology strategy, deployment, procurement, budgets and planning, issues relating to teaching and pedagogy, the challenges when deploying technology, edtech evidence, blended learning, the impact of Covi

Featuring Al Kingsley, chair of the Hampton Academies Trust & MD of edtech company NetSupport; Paul Haigh, head of King Ecgbert School, a DfE Demonstrator Hub school in Sheffield; Alex Smith, deputy head at King’s School in Gloucester, whose Master’s in Education focused on adopting digital learning.

Listen to the podcast here 

To hear other SecEd podcasts, or to subscribe for free to new editions, search for ‘The SecEd Podcast’ in your podcast application of choice or visit and for details about The SecEd Podcast, or to suggest future topics, email editor Pete Henshaw at


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