A new solution for Remote learning

We all know right now one of the biggest challenges educators are trying to overcome is to have tools that will help bridge the gap and provide a platform for delivering remote teaching and learning. With luck, they will be a handy insurance policy that aren’t heavily needed, but with an uncertain few months ahead as part of a school’s “back to school” strategy, effective remote learning tools rank high on the list.

Super easy to set up and use, classroom.cloud is a fresh and innovative cloud-based teaching and management platform, providing the essential tools for classroom and home-based teaching and learning. This makes it the perfect solution for delivering blended learning in any environment.

In essence classroom.cloud provides a simple browser based platform that allow a teacher to sign into a virtual classroom and engage with their students, no matter where they are. Unlike a Teams or Zoom session, the Teacher can see all the students screens at once, control the apps and websites the children have access to, remotely launch content for the lesson, survey and capture learning as well as collaborate with the class.

Low cost and easy to setup in minutes, classroom.cloud is a great alternative for any school looking at its remote or blended learning strategy for September.

Check out the classroom.cloud brochure here 

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